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Welcome to the web pages of the

Chair of Theoretical Physics II

at the

TU Dortmund.

Team leaders


Reseach topics of the group

  • Non-equilibrium dynamics of quantum impurity systems

    Quantum impurity systems comprise a spin, an atom or ion, or a single molecule on a surface or in a bulk material that is coupled electronically or via bosonic fluctuation to its environment.  We are investigating the competition between different interactions causing arising magnetic moments to be screened via Kondo effect or aligned via RKKY interaction. Such competing interactions are often associated with different ground states: The systems can be tuned by external parameters from one ground state to the other. If those states are topologically disconnected a quantum phase transition is found governing the transition between different renormalization group fixed points.

    Realisations of such systems are adatoms on surfaces, 3d and 4f transition metal alloys, semiconductor quantum dots, gated molecules as proposed for molecular electronics and also measured in STM experiments.

    Switching of such devices requires the understanding of non-equilibrium dynamic where we have developed a powerful numerical renormalization group approach (TD-NRG) to adress quenches as well as steady-state currents though such devices.


  • Coherent control and spin noise in semi-conductor quantum dots

    Electron or hole spins confined in an self-assembled semiconductor quantum dot are electronically well decoupled from itinerant electronic states. Due to the strong localisation, however, their dynamics is determined by the hyperfine interaction with the surrounding nuclear spins. We are investigating the influence of the nuclear spin bath onto the decoherence of the electronic spins which are subject to periodic laser pulses.


  • Spindynamics in ordered and disorders lattice systems


  • Ab-initio calulation of exchange couplings in magnetic semiconductors